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Now eligible Veterans can find the perfect fixer-upper and get the money to build that dream kitchen or other home improvements.

It’s important to use a VA lender that has been approved by the VA. Some mortgage companies who accept VA loan applications send the VA loan to yet another lender for approval. While VA loans are easier to qualify for, they have their own internal “quirks” that make the approval process a bit different compared to other loan types. Lenders who are not familiar with VA loans may stumble with a VA loan, extending the loan approval process unnecessarily or worse, having the loan declined needlessly.

Approved VA lenders have been fully vetted by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and must meet strict VA loan experience guidelines and exhibit minimum financial net worth requirements.

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  • Low Interest Rate
  • No Hidden Feed or Prepayment Penalties
  • single Monthly Payment
  • Fixed Term - 15 or 20 Years *
* Checking your rate won't affect your credit score.

USA Relocation Group is the Preferred Real Estate Partner of Veteran Loans USA.

Veteran Focused is a network of real estate professionals committed to helping our nation’s veterans, active military, reservists, national guard and eligible surviving spouses by offering the VA REHAB LOAN TO HOME PROGRAM specifically designed to help those who have given so much for our country.

Simple 4-Step VA Loan Process

At the end of the process you will be provided VA pre-approval letter which verifies that you have completed an application and documented your loan and then we will match you with a local Veteran Focused real estate agent to help you find the right property.

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VA loans are hands-down the preferred choice for those who qualify searching for a competitive loan program with no money down.

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